( Ref. figure of Schematic drawing showing Sun Light being delivered to plants under shade.) Sunlight enters in sun tube through dome shaped Sun light receiving unit; inner lining of aluminum reflects sun light to bottom of sun tube. Here sun light is dispersed through Sun light dispersing unit rotationally at 1-2 revolution per hour. Thus sun light reaches to under shadow plants or grass to start photosynthesis process in leaves.

Advantages over current practice of cultivation of only crop or only fruit trees:

  • 1. This system would be source of additional income for farmers without increasing their land holding.
  • 2. In parks green grass can be grown even under tree shadow.
  • 3. Only minimal cost is involved to have more yield of crops or fruits or commercial wood as compared to purchase more land for cultivation.
  • 4. Expense on the System is only one time. It would work for minimum 20 years.
  • 5. There is no operating expense.
  • 6. More efficient use of fertile land which is already scarce to find in world.
  • 7. Same irrigation system can be used for both crops and fruit trees. This system would also reduce water wastage as excess water may either consumed by crop or by trees.
  • 8. Most important of all as this system would help to have more yields from same piece of land thus would help the world to achieve food security.