(Ref. figure 1). A solar tube made of plastic or metal with inner lining of aluminum having coating of silver for 99.4% reflectivity sun light. Solar tube has two parts; upper part is a long tube usually 15-20 feet long and is stationery. Lower part mainly consists of a bend at 14degree is made to rotate at its axis at 1-2 RPH.

(Ref. figure 2-3) Lower pipe is aligned with upper part of solar tube. Ratchet operated by electromagnetic coil is used for drive mechanism. A timer sends current from battery to electromagnetic coil after every 1.5 minutes which pull attached ratchet to give 1 teeth revolution to Lower Moving End of solar tube. There are 40 teeth of gear thus 1 teeth revolution per 1.5 minute give unit one 360 degree revolution in 1 hour. Thus use of gear box and motor is eliminated which was consuming continues power. Battery is charged with attached solar panels. This advancement has simplified manufacturing of unit because now there is no need for bearings and rollers alignment which was required in previous model.

Other methods of rotation are also being tried. However basic concept to rotationally distribute sunlight under shade remains same.